Monday, September 28, 2009

I've moved again and other randomness

This year has been one of many changes. Divorce, moving, illness, oh the fun I've had! So now that I've moved to a more permanent (I hope) location, I am working on getting fully unpacked before re-opening etsy. I had to move from my last place because who wants to see there ex at the grocery store? Running into 'old ghosts' is no way to start your life over, so I've moved out of that town and am starting over totally. Now if I could just get a couple of un-packing elfs to help me unpack and decide what gets donated and what will fit in this smaller apartment!

Hoping to be more present,

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Once Again I've Been absent....

Sorry folks, for the very few of you that actually read this :) I am in transition and it is a tough road. Very rocky at times and I can't for the life of me seem to remember that I have a blog and that it is probably therapeutic on some level to post in it! I am on my way to being single again. Not exactly by choice, but it is the best thing really and I'm glad of it, at least I will be when it is all finished! Right now it is very turbulent and unpleasant as those of you who've been there before know, and so I'm not extremely vigilant of the blog for that reason.

I have been trying to get my etsy shops back up and running. They're up, but not quite at full speed yet, still in the infancy. I once had nearly 100 listings between the two shops, ellesbelle and ellesdestasht (yep, accidentally spelled it wrong when signing up!) So, look for more listings weekly as I add to them as often as I can. Have so much to list.

I am also fighting my fibromyalgia really hard right now. Emotional upheaval is not generally a good thing for that particular disease and I'm unfortuanately good proof of that right now. So, I'll be back, just bare with me if you will. I hope to recover all my pics so I can post some of my prior crafting endeavors as well as post some of my new ones as they occur. I am currently working on a simple knit Vogue dress with some gathering in the multi-piece bodice, and it is coming along nicely, although slowly. I have also started working on a new simple quilt that I hope will be finished before I need it in the fall!

I'll be back soon!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where in the world have I been?

No, it's not a mixed up version of Carmen San Diego, or the Facebook app, it's why haven't I posted on my blog, taken care of it, nurtured it, displayed better blogmanship. Well, when the carp hits the fan, the fan breaks, needs repairs and of course extensive help to make it all better. I've been on a journey of sorts, somewhat unpleasant, but occasionally worthwhile, and as always there was something to be learned.

My life has changed and will not be the same, but I am still me, and I will go on. So, here is to new times, new places, new faces, and better tomorrow.

Until next time!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Mission to Mexico

I have been fortunate to find a wonderful group of people on Etsy in the HOST Team (Helping Others Street Team). There are so many giving, thoughtful, spirited, kind, generous, and amazing artists on this team of people who have gathered together to raise money to help Etsy artists in need. This team not only helps people financially, there are a miriad of resources that have been researched and gathered to give out to those who might not know about them, so that they can help themselves. In this group I have found several people whom I call friend, and others I am getting to know better. One of my friends is featured below.

My friend Mishy is trying to raise funds to go on a volunteer trip to Mexico to work in an Orphanage. Here is a link to her blog post explaining it in detail. She has had some unfortunate and sad events in her own life of late and could use some help of her own as well. She has helped me in my etsy shops with banners, avatars, and ideas that have brought great successes for me. She has asked for nothing in return. Here is a link to her fabulous shop, Fire and Ice Designs, on Etsy. She is an artist who works with glass and turns it, along with various stones, into gorgeous jewelry. Please take a moment to check out her shop, you won't regret it!

On a more sad note, one of my very good friends in my home town who has been and inspiration, a rock to cling to in times of trouble, and has helped me adjust to my own life changes, is having surgery today for colon cancer. I am asking for any and all types of prayers, good thoughts, lighting of candles, crossing of fingers, and/or any other good wishes and positive energies for her on this day that her surgery go well, that her cancer be in a curable stage, and that she will heal quickly. Thank you!

That's all my locked up slow moving fingers can type out at this hour ;) so, until next time...



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heart Awareness Sponsored by HOST on Etsy

The HOST Team (Helping Others Street Team) on Etsy is holding an Etsy-wide contest to make an item heart related and donate the proceeds to The American Heart Association. The information on this challenge/contest is located here: Heart to Heart Thread

Please check it out, whether you decide to participate in the contest or just check out the items made for the donation to the AHA, doesn't matter.

Have a heart healthy day!
Tonya (

Friday, January 30, 2009

Been gone too long...

I've been a bad blogger. I've been blog-less, blog-impaired, blog-uninspired, for far too long now. It has been a crazy world here on the home front. The basement is begining to be rebuilt. It is now empty and has had concrete moisture sealant applied in 2 coats and is now ready for rebuilding. Tonight through Sunday my husband and his friend will be beginning the wall rebuilding process and that is VERY exciting! I don't know how long it will take, but it does look like I will have have a craft/family room sometime in the near future! That will help me make some handmade items that I haven't been able to for quite awhile as my sewing room was overcrowded even before the flood! Here are some pictures of some items I have made in the past...

Crazy Cat Quilt few yrs ago

Close up of one square

Wristlet made for daughter

Half apron from half of top of Jeans (ties in back)

'Flip flop' for daughter, 2 ft long

I made 4 different types of aprons for gifts a few years ago at Christmas time, but didn't take pics.

Some purses and totes I made for my daughter and a friend

Purse made up for friend

Purse made for daughter

Tote bag for daughter

These are just a few items I found in the picture archives from a few years ago. I also have several crochet items and a few knit items I have made. I just started beading in the last year or so and am working on getting better at that.

I have also made numerous outfits for my dad's Chihuahua in the last couple of years because the poor little guy is so cold in the winter and transition months.

I really want to sew again even though it will be a slow process.

Well, off to rest for awhile...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Going Back - Basement Water Damage

Good Morning everyone! I really don't like going backward, but I really wanted to share a few of the pictures of our basement that I finally uploaded onto my computer and update the status of the situation.

We have had everyone out to see the basement that needs to and the verdict is that we can save all but the lower 2 feet of most walls (all the studs are ok throughout the basement) and some walls will have to be redone completely. The insurance company finally came out after a week of, to put it politely, 'negotiating', verdict is they will not pay as they do not consider it a covered loss. So, we are out all of the money for the cleanup and repairs and replacement of ruined items.

Without further ado, here are a very small selection of our 'flood' from day after discovery to
finished tearing out bottom of walls.Family Rm, tearing out the paneling from the short foundation wall

Daughter's room, damage torn out, carpet removed, fans in place to start drying out. This corner was one of the water entry points.

Close up of paneling damage, between 1-3 inches.

Husband's office walls removed, pergo like floor removed. Corner on right (out of pic) is another water entry point.

My poor sad piano moved into storage room, still haven't determined damage to it yet. Carpet removed from family room, tack strips remaining.

Another shot at family room, different angle, shows removed carpet and the original icky laminate tiles below.

Now we will begin rebuilding one room, one wall, at a time as money permits. Forgot pics of bathroom, had to remove sink cabinet and 2 layers of vinyl flooring to get down to the original icky tiles! Toilet was broken in the process, so husband got a toilet for his birthday! He was actually pretty excited :)

Until next wishes,


Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm back - New Listings and Huge Sale!

Well, I'm back from my small hiatus. Just to update on our New Years issue - the basement will have to be stripped and rebuilt-out to be a habitable area. The insurance will not pay for any of it. It's not a covered event, not even a coverage we could have purchased if we had wanted to. So, now to better topics....I'm working hard on being positive and trying to earn extra money through Etsy to fix up our basement. Here are some of my most recent listings, all vintage buttons:

Mention this blog in the notes to sellers portion of purchase and your shipping within the US is free, shipping outside the US will be discounted by the US shipping amount. Buy 2 items save 10% and receive free US shipping, buy 3 items get 1 free (equal or lower price) and free US shipping. Remember, mention you saw it on this blog to get the sale prices. Sale ends Jan. 31, 2009.

That's all for today!

Best wishes,


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Absentee Blogger

Sorry I' ve been absent. Been dealing with my basement flood. Now that we finally have the carpet torn out, the walls opened, up 2' above the floor is all open, we find out it may rain up to 3 inches tonight! So husband is out buying a sump pump and dad is getting sandbags to block off our faulty back door drain and we have diverted our gutter downspouts, so hopefully we won't have any more flooding. We don't have flood insurance since we are not in a flood plain and we are in an are that doesn't normally have any flooding problems.

Anyway, I will likely be absent for several more days while we figure out how to make another bedroom upstairs for my daughter and all that other fun stuff!

Take care, and stay safe!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Not So Happy New Year

We've got a flood. In our daylight basement. Yep, inside our house is a lot of smelly water because the previous owners lied. Now my daughter needs a new box spring among other things and has no bedroom, my husband has lost some very expensive and very necessary computer equipment and there are untold other losses as we can't even get a plumber to unclog our storm drains until sometime later today. Wow, I am exhausted and freaked out. I can't even sleep after my short nap, I am too amped up.

Please see my Etsy shop, I am trying to raise money to offset the cost of the plumber and the deductible for our insurance...

Ok, rant over. I hope everyone else has a good new year. At least better than mine ;)