Sunday, August 9, 2009

Once Again I've Been absent....

Sorry folks, for the very few of you that actually read this :) I am in transition and it is a tough road. Very rocky at times and I can't for the life of me seem to remember that I have a blog and that it is probably therapeutic on some level to post in it! I am on my way to being single again. Not exactly by choice, but it is the best thing really and I'm glad of it, at least I will be when it is all finished! Right now it is very turbulent and unpleasant as those of you who've been there before know, and so I'm not extremely vigilant of the blog for that reason.

I have been trying to get my etsy shops back up and running. They're up, but not quite at full speed yet, still in the infancy. I once had nearly 100 listings between the two shops, ellesbelle and ellesdestasht (yep, accidentally spelled it wrong when signing up!) So, look for more listings weekly as I add to them as often as I can. Have so much to list.

I am also fighting my fibromyalgia really hard right now. Emotional upheaval is not generally a good thing for that particular disease and I'm unfortuanately good proof of that right now. So, I'll be back, just bare with me if you will. I hope to recover all my pics so I can post some of my prior crafting endeavors as well as post some of my new ones as they occur. I am currently working on a simple knit Vogue dress with some gathering in the multi-piece bodice, and it is coming along nicely, although slowly. I have also started working on a new simple quilt that I hope will be finished before I need it in the fall!

I'll be back soon!

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