Thursday, December 4, 2008

It sure has been awhile, Black Friday and such

Wow, it's amazing how fast time goes by when you are out of commission and sleeping most of the time! Now I'm partly back but still not up to my usual self. Fibromyalgia makes recovering that much more difficult.

So, I did sell a couple of items over the ''Black Friday' weekend. Not like I had expected though. I spent more time changing all of my verbiage that it wasn't even worthwhile to participate in the 'sale'. I just hope it brings more business... The sad thing about this sale is that I tried to shop for family presents and every thing that I wanted to buy was at a shop that was NOT having a sale!? What's up with that? I felt cheated, hey, I spent all that time to participate and I couldn't find anyone to buy from that had done the same. Almost, but not quite, wish I had gone out into the madness! Actually this was the first year I didn't go out into the human cattle call of Black Friday, in nearly 12 years! What a relief it was to sit at home, cozy and warm and not elbowed or otherwise trampled (poor Walmart workers). At the same time I was jonesing for a shopping coo and none was to be found :( Well, I do have to admit I did not try overly hard to find one, being half asleep for several days does that to you! But still, I thought Etsy would have done a better job of advertising...

Now off to try to clean up, a few minutes at a time as to not wear myself out...pacing, a term I am trying to become familiar with.

Happy non-commercial shopping!


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