Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Searching...and Snow?

In between doctor appointments today, I was out searching for new (vintage) buttons. Decided tomorrow would be a better day, estate sales and auctions and all start going then. I still have quite a lot to list, but I'm not inspired by my selection so I put a moratorium on listing until I find more to inspire me. That brings me to my topic of SNOW!

My particular location in the Pacific Northwest is not especially prone to alot of snow, nor is it at all usual for us to receive snow before the new year. Well, it looks like it's all about to change! Snow is in the forcast for this weekend and early next week. Yeah for us! Ok, I know you experienced snow folks are thinking what is up with her? Well, I LOVE snow! I have always loved snow and rarely get it at my house. I love when everything is twinkly and shiny and winter-looking. It makes me feel like a kid again. I also secretely hope we loose power for awhile! That way we can have family fun without the normal interruptions of TV, video games, and so forth. I would love to play Scrabble by the fire and some candle light.

If it does snow, I will post some pics so you all can laugh at the paltry inch or so that we do get :)

Take care and snowy dreams,


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