Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Going Back - Basement Water Damage

Good Morning everyone! I really don't like going backward, but I really wanted to share a few of the pictures of our basement that I finally uploaded onto my computer and update the status of the situation.

We have had everyone out to see the basement that needs to and the verdict is that we can save all but the lower 2 feet of most walls (all the studs are ok throughout the basement) and some walls will have to be redone completely. The insurance company finally came out after a week of, to put it politely, 'negotiating', verdict is they will not pay as they do not consider it a covered loss. So, we are out all of the money for the cleanup and repairs and replacement of ruined items.

Without further ado, here are a very small selection of our 'flood' from day after discovery to
finished tearing out bottom of walls.Family Rm, tearing out the paneling from the short foundation wall

Daughter's room, damage torn out, carpet removed, fans in place to start drying out. This corner was one of the water entry points.

Close up of paneling damage, between 1-3 inches.

Husband's office walls removed, pergo like floor removed. Corner on right (out of pic) is another water entry point.

My poor sad piano moved into storage room, still haven't determined damage to it yet. Carpet removed from family room, tack strips remaining.

Another shot at family room, different angle, shows removed carpet and the original icky laminate tiles below.

Now we will begin rebuilding one room, one wall, at a time as money permits. Forgot pics of bathroom, had to remove sink cabinet and 2 layers of vinyl flooring to get down to the original icky tiles! Toilet was broken in the process, so husband got a toilet for his birthday! He was actually pretty excited :)

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kim* said...

looks like alotta work

Caroline D. said...

I'm so sorry! Hope your piano isn't damaged