Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wow, New Years resolution down the drain...

Well, I said I was going to post once a week, oops!  I've been either too busy or in too much pain or too distracted to remember...

So, what is new? I've been helping my boyfriend set up his Etsy shop
and that has taken a lot of my time and energy.  Also, my sweet, wonderful daughter has been a bit ill and is going to have surgery tomorrow, which has been a huge stress, and scary too.  I have been trying to create and been epic failing miserably, LOL!  I can't seem to remember how to do things very easily, so it's taking me 10 times as long as it used to just to get something done.  I've also found out I need surgery on my knee...which I really already knew, just needed to convince the docs, finally got the MRI I needed and it convinced them.  That about sums up the last month.  Pain, stress, frustration....but in reality, I have had a good month overall, despite these things.

I will post some of my 'creations' after my daughter is healed. 

Hope everyone has a great day, week, month!!!


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