Monday, November 17, 2008

Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Fall

What a gorgeous weekend we had here in Oregon! Clear skies, almost warm, very little wind and just like a summer day except for the fallen leaves and lower temperature. Perfect weekend for outdoor activities, walks, shopping, yard work, etc....My family? We slept. That's right, we slept the weekend away. We were all so exhausted, daughter and husband from work, me from lack of good sleep, so against our will and no matter that we wanted to play and enjoy the weather, we slept. Saturday was a total loss, nearly the entire day was a sleepfest. Sunday was a little more lively, husband raked one tree's worth of leaves, there was a small shopping trip to be had, and we slept some more! One good thing to come of our sleepfest was that daughter's cold/allergy/general malaise is much better, my serious sleep debt is partially paid back, and husband was able to relax for first time in months.

I guess it's not so bad to stay in on a lovely day after all.


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