Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lunch with old friend

Today I will be having lunch with an old friend, my old best friend from high school. We reconnected after too many years (not telling how many!) and I'm nervous and excited! Thinking about this lunch has my mind playing back all the fun and crazy times we had together. We were innocent then, 14 when we met. I remember sitting in her parents hot tub on New Years Eve and getting out, making a skinny, pathetic snowman, and running back into the hot tub! It was a very sad snow man since there wasn't alot of snow on the ground and we were freezing, but it was a blast! We liked the same guy at the same time, he liked her and they dated for several years, we were 15 or 16 then. We rode our bikes every where since we couldn't drive. A 5 mile bike ride was nothing to us, as long as there was a reward at the shopping! Or a milkshake :)
I was so skinny in High School due to an over active metabolism, I could eat an entire large pizza with no problem, no weight gain, no sick I smell pizza and 5 pounds jump onto my body...Her dad nick named me Tonya Toothpick, or TTP. Now I probably would be known as, well never mind ;) I am so excited to see her, but scared at the same time. Will she still like me with all my disabilities? Even if I can't do shopping marathons, or drive very far, or accidentally let out that I hurt? I am hoping I don't talk about those things, that our lunch is a fun, light conversation, re-introduction with the hope of many more to come.
But, knowing me, I'll turn it into a 'OMG, can you believe how huge I am? How many pills I take? How many docs I have? How many chronic pain issues I have? Woe is me....' Ok, hopefully THAT is out of my system! She was so important to me so long ago, I don't want to lose the chance that she could be important to me again. So I promise to be on my best behavior, not too much sarcasm, swallow the dumb jokes, and choke back the pity party so I am a pleasant lunch guest.

Now, please don't let her come to my house ..... AAAAAAAHHHH hehe

Until later, when my rational self has returned...
Tata for now
Tonya (currently crazed kooky crafty and nervous!)

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